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Play. Learn. Grow.

Whats Our Goal?

To give your child the best possible daycare experience. We offer outdoor outings to the park, Singing, Dancing, Reading, Puzzles, Games and a number of other playful activities all essential for your childs healthy growth.

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Outdoor outings

We provide outdoor outings to the park nearby where the kids can play as well as occasional group trips to child-friendly locations where children can engage in activities such as apple picking.

Singing & Dancing

Singing & Dancing helps stimulate the child's imaginative faculties and such early playful educational activities also have shown to increase the child's brain development.


Whether the children are being read a story or taught the alphabet, reading at an early age can stimulate the child's brain and get their neurons working at full capacity at an early and important age.

Puzzles and Games.

Puzzles and games help stimulate the child's creative and problem solving abilities at an early age and is important for the development of your child's brain into adolescence.

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As a family Daycare that's been around since 1998, we are proud to be one of Montreal best Childcare Service provider.

With Over 20 years of experience running my personal home daycare and 6 additional years of working in a public daycare centre. My qualification includes First Aid/CPR trained as well as a college diploma that meets safety and health standards which is required by the CPA.

Weather the children are playing at a sand table and going to the park to play as part of their occasional outings, we are happy to provide only the best child care service.

At our Garderie in Montreal we are focused on safety of your children which is why at our private daycare everything is done with safety and security.

As myself and my assistants have all the childcare certificates necessary, as well as a College Diploma for any circumstance that arise.

Our childcare services in Montreal will gladly take children up to five years old and we welcome babies as well.

We invite you to come and check out our Garderie in  Montreal. We are located not too far from the highway exit 20 and are right in the middle of the NDG, Lasalle and Lachine area.

We Provide Meals and Snacks

We provide delicious meals and snacks to your children, healthy and clean food for your child's enjoyment.

This includes Pasta, Vegetables, Fruits, Bread, and beverages.

Fruits and vegetables for children montreal daycare snacks and foods
Fruits and vegetables for children montreal daycare snacks and foods (3)
Fruits and vegetables for children montreal daycare snacks and foods (1)

Experienced Educators

Our Educators have a combined experience of over 20 years working with children.

Daily Activities

In our daycare we perform many daily activities to keep your children alive with engagement.

We work with the Government of CANADA

Working under the banner of the Canadian and Quebec government we comply with all the rules and policies and keep our daycare up to the highest of standards.

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